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Welcome to LifeChanger

LifeChanger Foundation empowers young people to live thriving, resilient lives by developing their social, emotional and resilience skills, and by building connections in their community.

Did you know?

The LifeChanger program addresses the alarming and challenging statistics that face many of today's youth and their families.  A large and growing number of young people are challenged by low levels of self-esteem, self-worth and isolation, leading to a multitude of negative outcomes including physical and mental illness, poor wellbeing and youth suicide.

75% of mental health problems emerge before the age of 25 years old

One third of adolescent deaths are caused by suicide – the leading cause of death of young Australians

1 in 4 young people feel isolated, disconnected and lonely all, or most, of the time


The LifeChanger Program presents a continuous pathway from Year 7 through to Year 11 and provides a sustainable delivery model that engages with youth, teachers, parents and local community mentors.


Looking to build a greater sense of connection and community within your Sporting Club? Our Youth Program is a great opportunity to build rapport and connection amongst coaches, senior players and youth.


Looking to build a greater sense of connection and community within your workplace? We offer a number of great team building opportunities to build rapport and connection.


Looking to get more involved within your community while giving back to young people? We offer a number of great opportunities for you to impact on the future generations.

“This program is going to be the first step in breaking down barriers and providing a better social relationship between higher and lower year levels. I now feel fully equipped to help make that change.”
- Senior School Mentor participant


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