Empowering young people to live thriving, resilient lives

About Us

Imagine a world with more thriving, resilient young people.

At LifeChanger we believe all teenagers can develop the tools to successfully navigate life. Our program develops critical foundational skills that empower young people to overcome challenges and pursue their potential.

LifeChanger is the first pre-emptive program of its kind, with a delivery model that engages with youth, teachers, parents and local mentors to build a sustainable village of support. The workshops allow young people, and local community mentors, to connect and interact; building inclusive and resilient communities. 

LifeChanger Workshops are…

PRE-EMPTIVE – building critical foundations, skills and strategies early in young people’s lives.

HOLISTIC – presenting a holistic development pathway focusing on Health, Life Skills, Self, Purpose and Tribe.

SUSTAINABLE – programs outcomes are measurable and sustainable, delivering long term impact.

INCLUSIVE – trained community mentors build rapport, share experiences and foster connection, belonging and community.

If young people are to live a full life, it’s fundamental that they take the time to form a complete view of what they are capable of and what a thriving human being is. Our programs provide that critical space.”

– Scott Watters CEO/Founder



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