Empowering young people to live thriving, resilient lives

Board | Advisory

At LifeChanger, our mission is made possible by the dedication and commitment of our entire community. Along with our Board, Advisory, Partners, Ambassadors and amazing LifeChanger team, we are also incredibly fortunate to have thousands of active volunteer mentors in our community, who are instrumental in the delivery of our youth programs.



  • Scott Watters
  • Trevor Hendy

LifeChanger Foundation Board

  • John Moller (Chairperson)
  • Scott Watters (CEO)
  • Michelle Stanton
  • Vince Crivelli
  • Rachna D’mello


LifeChanger Advisory

  • David Sheehy
  • Brendan Rinaldi 
  • Caroline Carnegie
  • Richard Cawsey
  • Mark Smith

LifeChanger Youth Advisory

  • Olivia Fogarty (Chairperson)
  • Sunny Mitch
  • Layla Varley
  • Amelia Czerniawski

Our Partners