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Why your school should choose a LifeChanger Program

LifeChanger programs are delivered to youth participants from Year 5 through to Year 12 and engage with teachers, parents and local community mentors. The LifeChanger Program can act as a continuous development pathway from Year 7 through to Year 12, with workshops available for students within each year level. As the students learn and grow throughout high school, so too can their development and journey within the LifeChanger program. 

Workshops are highly engaging, interactive and evidence based; providing opportunities for participants to connect and collaborate with one another, the facilitators and the mentors. Mentors can be senior students, teachers, local community mentors and parents. Mentors share their experiences and support our participants; fostering a sense of belonging, connection and community.

The program curriculum centres on the Five Pillars of Health, Skills, Self, Purpose and Tribe to build emotional, social and resilience skills. Key themes explored during the program include physical and mental health, mindfulness, goal setting, problem-solving, gratitude, self-awareness, resilience and connection.

The LifeChanger Youth Program aligns with Victorian and Australian Curriculum standards and frameworks and addresses aspects of achievement standards in the Personal and Social Capabilities and the Health and Physical Education learning areas.

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Participants explore their own inner hero and are introduced to LifeChanger's 5 Pillars of Health, Skills, Self, Purpose and Tribe.


Participants gain an understanding of movement, good nutrition, recovery and meditation and how this enhances feelings of positive wellbeing and improves their overall focus and mental health.


Participants focus on life skills such as goal setting, problem solving, resilience and gratitude. Goal setting is the centrepiece of this workshop and students make a commitment towards a goal they want to achieve.


Participants explore their emotions and how they project those emotions to the outside world. They begin to develop self awareness and work on practical strategies to help regulate their feelings.


Participants reflect on their passions, hobbies and interests. They begin to understand that life is full of challenges and start to develop tools to accept and overcome any challenges they face.


Participants connect to and understand that ‘Tribe’ extends past immediate family and also includes community mentors, other participants and the community as a whole.

“LifeChanger allowed our Year 9 students to discover their inner hero, explore their strengths and challenges and be able to gain skills and rekindle ambitions.”

– Student Wellbeing Teacher


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