Empowering young people to live thriving, resilient lives


Participants explore their own inner hero and are introduced to LifeChanger’s Five Pillar Development Pathway of Health, Skills, Self, Purpose and Tribe.

Learning Intention

The Activation Workshop is a high energy, interactive session that aims to establish connection and rapport between the participants, facilitators and mentors. Through the introduction of LifeChanger’s Five Pillars of Health, Skills, Self, Purpose and Tribe, participants are empowered to understand and engage with their own journey towards a meaningful, fulfilling and healthy life. Young people begin to understand that by focusing effort into each of these areas they have the power, skills and confidence to take more control of their lives and own their destination.


Participants will:

  • Build connection and rapport with the facilitators, mentors and other participants
  • Identify their Hero Types and explore ‘who they are!’
  • Understand LifeChanger’s Five Pillar Development Pathway
  • Reflect on their strengths and opportunities
  • Increase self-awareness

“I loved it, because I could learn more about myself, even when people underestimate me.”

– Year 8 participant


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