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Participants connect to and understand that ‘Tribe’ extends past immediate family and also includes community mentors, other participants and the community as a whole.

Learning Intention

The Tribe Workshop focuses on the values of support, connection and community. Participants begin to look at their ‘tribe’, understanding that this extends past their immediate family, and also includes teachers, coaches, mentors, peers and the community as a whole. Participants identify who their tribe is, and reflect on the Five Pillars. As this is the last workshop in the series, it is a celebration of the participants’ learnings throughout the previous sessions with various opportunities for them to reflect on their own experiences and connections developed throughout their entire LifeChanger journey. 


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the importance of their tribe
  • Feel more connected to their friends and family
  • Understand the importance of gratitude and how to express this to people they care about
  • Reflect on their learnings throughout their entire LifeChanger journey
  • Make a commitment to utilise one skill they have learnt and then implement this in their life

“I really enjoyed the topics we were taught and practised today, since it is very helpful and can be used in our every-day lives. Overall, I really enjoyed the LifeChanger Program.”

– Year 9 participant


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