Empowering young people to live thriving, resilient lives


Looking to build a greater sense of connection and community within your Sporting Club?

The LifeChanger Program builds rapport and connection amongst coaches, senior players and youth and can be tailored to run during school holidays or throughout the sporting season.

Workshop focus areas for Sporting Clubs are:

HEALTH – Movement, good nutrition, recovery and meditation and how this enhances feelings of positive wellbeing and improves their overall focus and mental health.

SKILLS – Life skills such as goal setting, problem solving, resilience and gratitude. Goal setting is the centrepiece of this workshop and students make a commitment towards a goal they want to achieve.

SELF – Participants explore their emotions and how they project those emotions to the outside world. They also develop their self awareness and work on practical strategies to help regulate their feelings.

PURPOSE – Participants reflect on their passions, hobbies and interests. They also explore obstacles and challenges and develop tools to accept and overcome any challenges or adversity they might face.

LifeChanger programs provide a number of positive benefits for individuals, teams and the club as a whole. 

Youth participants will:

  • Develop their communication, team building and resilience skills
  • Build stronger connections with their team mates
  • Develop a sense of belonging within the club
  • Understand the importance of good physical and mental health
  • Discover practical strategies to help them regulate their emotions

Coaches and senior players will:

  • Benefit from an increased sense of belonging and impact within the club
  • Strengthen their leadership and team building skills 
  • Build stronger connections with the younger players by acting as a mentor 
  • Foster a great culture within the club that lasts for future generations

Looking for something fun for your child to do over the school holidays? Our ‘Spark’ Holiday Program get kids motivated and moving, while allowing them to build more connection to their friends, family and peers.


Mentor workshops are available for coaches, parents and senior players. Trained community mentors in a sporting club help build connections within the local community and create a great club culture.


The Empowerment Workshop is a stand alone workshop that centres on the theme of connection. The workshop provides participants with a fun and interactive introduction into LifeChanger while touching on each of the Five Pillars.


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